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Western & Southern Introduces New Family Award
All Together Now!

Western & Southern is redefining winning! This year, it's not just about who crosses the finish line first; it's to celebrate the largest family that steps up to the starting line.

"We want everyone to feel like a winner, especially families who come downtown to celebrate one of Cincinnati's best holiday family traditions together," said John Barrett, chairman, president and CEO of Western & Southern. "This makes our city one of the very best in the country."

You can sign up the whole family — EVERYONE — with our new family sign up. It's a cheaper and easier way to register large groups in one transaction; and at that point, you can choose to enter the family award category. The winning family will be recognized and awarded at the starting line before the race starts. We will also award the second and third largest families.

Ahhhhh, and that was the roar of the crowd as we celebrate your families at the starting line.

How about a few miles of togetherness? Register everyone for the family fun!

The Right MOVE - Healthy Tips

The Right MOVE - Healthy Tips

Why do some people gain weight when they start an exercise program?

Don't panic! The pounds don't hang around. The key point is that weight and muscle mass change, which causes some fluctuations.  Here's why:

  • A new exercise program puts stress on your muscle fibers. "Causing small micro tears, also known as micro trauma, and some inflammation," says Dr. Brian Grawe from UC Health. "Your body responds with temporary water weight gain.  It's your body's way of healing the soreness."
  • You acquire new lean muscle mass.  "Muscles weigh more than fat so the scale can be quite deceiving," says Grawe.  However, your clothes tell the truth.  "Your body will begin to recalibrate and the results will look healthy."

- UC Health Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Keep MOVING - Training Tips

Keep MOVING - Training Tips

If you're having trouble waking up in the morning, should you set your alarm earlier so you can hit the snooze and wake up gradually?

Our bodies do better when they can get used to a single clear rule. Get out of bed the moment the alarm sounds. When we play with the snooze button, our bodies get a confused message. So just bite the bullet — it won't be fun in the beginning — and get out of bed when the alarm tells you to. Do this faithfully for a few months and the condition should start to kick in. Better yet, plan to meet someone for a morning run. Accountability is a great wakeup call

- Running Spot: Race Headquarters

MOVE Your World - Work & Family Tips

MOVE Your World - Work & Family Tips

Should you have a mentor?

Mentors can make a huge difference in your business and personal life. Here are some tips to make it meaningful:

  • It's up to you to execute. Even if you score a mentor as great as CEO, he is going to challenge you to do work on yourself and your professional endeavors. And that responsibility ultimately falls squarely on your shoulders.
  • Your mentor isn't perfect. We are all human; we make mistakes. Be sensitive enough to filter the advice you receive, and show compassion and empathy when you don't always get your mentor's brilliance. They face demands and challenges, too.
  • Working with a mentor is like getting in shape — patience is required. Working with a mentor is like working out and eating right; one day won't make much of a difference or bring instant results, but the total net effect can be huge.
  • Even the best mentors aren't clairvoyant. Communicate your goals consistently and candidly so you both are getting the most out of the relationship. Good mentors thrive on feedback — after all, your success is their success.

- Western & Southern


MOVING Thoughts

MOVING Thoughts

You must remember this: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
- Christopher Robin's advice to Winnie the Pooh



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