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Thanksgiving Day Run & Walk
McDonald's Kids Run
CINCINNATI  •  9AM - NOV 23  •  2017
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TIME Flies
TIME Flies

Summer Just Got a Little Cooler!

Celebrate Your Healthiest Thanksgiving Ever with the Whole Family

Get excited! Registration for you and your WHOLE family is ready. Birds of a feather flock together so come downtown to run or walk in Cincinnati on Thanksgiving Day. You can register your whole flock today at our early bird prices and have something special to look forward to soon.

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Healthy TIME
Healthy TIME

How can you prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?

"You may suspect that you have carpal tunnel syndrome if you experience numbness, tingling and weakness in your hand," said Tom Kiefhaber, MD, TriHealth Hand Surgery Specialist. He recommends:
  • Reduce your force and relax your grip. If your work involves a keyboard, for instance, hit the keys softly. For prolonged handwriting, use a big pen with an oversized, soft grip adapter and free-flowing ink.

  • Take frequent breaks. Gently stretch and bend hands and wrists periodically. Alternate tasks when possible.

  • Watch your form. Avoid bending your wrist all the way up or down. A relaxed middle position is best. Keep your keyboard at elbow height or slightly lower.

  • Improve your posture. Incorrect posture rolls shoulders forward, shortening your neck and shoulder muscles and compressing nerves in your neck. This can affect your wrists, fingers and hands.

  • Change your computer mouse. Make sure that your computer mouse is comfortable and doesn't strain your wrist.

  • Keep your hands warm. You're more likely to develop hand pain and stiffness if you work in a cold, air-conditioned environment.
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TIME to Train
TIME to Train

Why do people seem to enjoy running and walking so much?

The experts at TriState Running Co., who have a great training program for the 10k. have a few ideas:
  • It makes me feel healthy. "I take a deep breath knowing that I just did something to improve my health and well-being."

  • It helps you live longer. "Anything I can do to lengthen my time on this earth, surrounded by my family and friends, I will do."

  • It is the one thing in my life, right now, that I improve at the more I do. "Running has taught me how to push beyond my limits and has proven to me that I can and will achieve my goals."

  • It allows me to eat. "And I LOVE to eat!"

  • It keeps me happy. "I have never finished a run sad."

  • It has made me more resilient. "Because I DID is better than I WILL."

  • It has allowed me to see Cincinnati in a whole new way. "I thought I knew downtown and its surrounding cities pretty well. Happily, I was wrong."

  • It is because of the people! "Runners and walkers are just great people."
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Family TIME
Family TIME

Why do we procrastinate?

Do any of these reasons sound familiar?
  • "I Don't Feel Like Doing It"
    Most people believe that something is wrong with them if they do not feel motivated to begin a task. This simply is not true. How many folks do you imagine feel motivated and energized by the prospect of cleaning the garage or doing the laundry?

  • "But, I Don't Know How"
    If you lack the skills to complete certain tasks, it is only natural to avoid doing them.

  • "But, What If I Can't Cut It?"
    Fear of failure is another reason people procrastinate. The payoff for procrastinating is protecting ourselves from the possibility of perceived "real" failure.

  • "How Can I Top This?"
    "Fear of success" can be the other side of "fear of failure." Here you procrastinate because you are fearful of the consequences of your achievements. Maybe you fear that if you do well, you will be expected to do more next time.

  • "This Stuff Is Just Plain Boring"
    Lack of interest seems to play a role in procrastination.

  • "You Can't Make Me"
    Delaying tactics (procrastination) can be a form of rebellion against imposed schedules, standards and expectations.

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Family TIME

What are some skills that can help you with your career and your life?
  • Recover from failure.
    "Don't collapse," said Alvin Roehr, CEO of The Roehr Agency. "If work — or life — knocks you to your knees, get up, brush yourself off and figure out how to use that experience to make yourself better than you were before."

  • Take feedback.
    It is hard to hear how we could have done something better, but, if you can learn to set aside your emotions for a moment and focus on the information, there may be something there! "Of course, some of it will be valid and some of it invalid but let your brain decide that, not your ego," said Roehr.

  • Write effectively.
    "Learning to write well involves not just mastery of grammar but the ability to express your thoughts in a clear manner in many situations from emails to presentations, meetings, thank you notes and interviews," said John Barrett, CEO of Western & Southern.

  • Say no.
    Saying no when needed can save you a lot of time, confusion, guilt, attachment, commitments and stress.

  • Listen.
    People are often nodding their heads and waiting for the other person to stop speaking so they can start talking. We miss so much!

  • Have great body language.
    "Sometimes your body language tells people everything they need to know before you ever open your mouth," said Roehr.

  • Focus.
    "Life is full of distraction. It is impossible to become the best at what you do unless you can concentrate on the things you want to accomplish," said Barrett. "Don't try to be everywhere and do everything at the same time."

  • Manage your time.
    It is a challenge we all face, but stay organized and you'll amaze yourself!

  • Work well with others.
    You need to possess qualities of a team player to work in a culturally diverse environment and with people of different thinking.
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TIME to Laugh 

It can take a long time and a lot of practice to become the person you want to be.

- Julie Isphording
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