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CINCINNATI  •  9AM - NOV 23  •  2017
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TIME Flies
TIME Flies

Our Goodwill Coat Drive Breaks National Records

Goodness Appears in Tiny and Large Ways

For seven years, runners and walkers have brought thousands of coats, gloves and hats to the Western & Southern Thanksgiving Day 10k Run & Walk, which has made Cincinnati's hometown race the site of the largest coat drive in the country. Runners and walkers give an average of 5,000 pounds of donated coats and other cold weather gear each year.

"Our community is so inherently generous," says Crystal Faulkner, a partner at MCM CPAs & Advisors, the sponsor of the Goodwill coat drive. "The coat drive is another wonderful way that we celebrate the giving season together."

This year, the Goodwill Donation Station will be at Paul Brown Stadium. Goodwill volunteers will be on hand to accept your donations, which will help area youth, seniors, veterans and people with disabilities.

There's no place like the starting line! Register and see the beauty and strength of human kindness!

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Healthy TIME
Healthy TIME

How can you get the most out of your doctor's appointment?
  • Ask questions
    "Write out a list of questions before the appointment to ensure that you don't forget details," says Lauren Hruszkewycz, MD who specializes in family medicine at TriHealth. "More importantly, prioritize the questions so you and your doctor can get to everything on your list."

  • Make every minute count
    The average appointment lasts 18 minutes so it's good to keep the 'weather talk' to a minimum, and call if you're running late or need to cancel. "To avoid the busiest times, book the first morning appointment," says Dr. Hruszkewycz. 

  • Bring your meds
    This includes herbal and over-the-counter medicines and prescriptions you've gotten from another doctor. "Bring the actual bottles with the original labels," says Dr. Hruszkewycz. "We can double check the dosing to make sure everything is working as it should."

  • Take notes
    "We know patients forget most of what a physician says as soon as they walk out," says Dr. Hruszkewycz. "Don't feel embarrassed to ask a question if you don't understand something."

  • Tell the truth
    Uncomfortable topics, such as poor eating habits and medication adherence, or risky practices, can cause patients to avoid or lie about the subject. "If you're truthful then we can do a better job of taking care of you," says Dr. Hruszkewycz. 

  • Bring a friend
    "If you're expecting important test results or just need the support, bring a family member or close friend," says Dr. Hruszkewycz. "It's amazing how patients just stop hearing after a serious diagnosis."

  • Be realistic
    Don't skip your follow-up appointment if you didn't do everything we told you to do. "It's important to develop a treatment plan that you know you can follow," says Dr. Hruszkewycz. "So let me know what's more realistic."

  • By the way...
    "Some patients are so fearful or stressed that they don't bring up a serious concern until the doctor is about to walk out the door," says Dr. Hruszkewycz. "Tell us right away."
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TIME to Train
TIME to Train

As a runner and walker, do I really have to...?
  • Warm Up?
    "Yes," says chiropractor Dr. Steve King from Mt. Lookout Chiropractic. "Easing into an activity is more comfortable than starting fast, and the slower progression will help prevent injury."

  • Cool down?
    "You bet," says Cameron Simoneau from Tri-State Running Co. "Walk for at least 10 minutes to help the heart pump blood to tired muscles, which speeds recovery."

  • Stretch?
    "Stretching can be beneficial," says Dr. King. "Most importantly, the stretches should feel good while doing them, don't be overzealous and try to stretch through pain."

  • Do speed work?
    "Only when your goal is to get faster," said Simoneau. "Otherwise, just have fun going at a pace where you can have a great conversation with the person next to you."

  • Strength-train?
    "If you like it, do it," says Dr. King. "Cross training is a good strategy for injury prevention."

  • Time myself every run?
    No. It's not always about the clock.
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Family TIME
Family TIME

What are some common foods that we are overeating?
  • Cereal  
    It's easy to overdo breakfast cereal because of the growing sizes of cereal bowls. The serving size of most breakfast cereals is about one cup, and the average cereal bowl holds about 2.5 cups.

  • Peanut Butter
    Two tablespoons of this healthy fat is all we need for its health rewards. But few people stop there. Mindlessly eating it out of the jar is one reason, but some also have trouble visualizing two tablespoons spread across the PB&J.

  • Bananas  
    Fruits offer many healthy benefits, which is why we should eat five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. But, we underestimate bananas because those found in grocery stores are large enough for about two servings. The true portion size for a banana is about the length of a pen.

  • Pasta
    Our view of "normal" comes from heaping plates and bowls of pasta that make even a triple portion look small. In reality, pasta should take up about one quarter of your plate.

  • Meats 
    From giant burgers to the steaks that fall off the plate, overeating is far too easy when it comes to meats of any kind. A portion is the size of the palm of your hand — a small hand.
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Are you driving your co-workers crazy??

Uh-oh, you might be that annoying colleague if you:
  • Regularly copy managers on emails unnecessarily
    "If you want to have good relationships, you should trust people to do their jobs on their own," said John Barrett, CEO of Western & Southern. "You're also likely to annoy the managers you're copying, since they trust their team to carry out their job."

  • Play the martyr
    "If you're constantly talking about how you are overworked, you can assume that your co-workers are sick of you and wonder why you're not able to work more efficiently," said Alvin Roehr, CEO of the Roehr Agency.

  • Let technology regularly distract you during meetings
    "It's no big deal to discreetly glance at your phone once or twice during a meeting," said Barrett. "But if you're regularly getting distracted by your phone, you're not contributing to the team. Set your technology aside and check it between meetings."

  • Parent your co-workers
    "Sometimes people think a parental approach toward colleagues is genuinely nice without realizing how condescending it can come across," said Roehr.

  • Comment on your co-workers' food or diets
    You might think that you're just being friendly, but research shows that many people don't want their food choices scrutinized.

  • Follow up your emails with a phone call or text
    The point of email is that the recipient can read it when convenient. "Give them a reasonable amount of time to read and respond," said Roehr.
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TIME to Laugh 

Do you ever wonder why you were in such a hurry to grow up?

- Julie Isphording
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