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Thanksgiving Day Run & Walk
McDonald's Kids Run
CINCINNATI  •  9AM - NOV 23  •  2017
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Family Award - 2016 Dorgers Family

Together We Have It All

Western & Southern Family Award

Get ready to create some great family running memories and pictures!

The second annual Western & Southern Birds of a Feather Family Award will be given to the one lucky family who register the most family participants to walk and run. Do you have all your turkeys in a row?

At a time when families gather to enjoy traditions, there's no better way to celebrate than with a huge and healthy family reunion on the starting line. Last year's winning family, the Dorgers, had 34 family members participate.

Now that's togetherness.

You don't have to sign up everyone at once. You will be prompted during registration to enter a family last name, and we will take it from there. The winning family will be notified prior to the race so their flock can gather together at the starting line before the race starts. They will receive the W&S Birds of a Feather Family Award and be recognized by the media and 15,000 of their closest friends .

Register today. There's a space for everyone and everything you care about.

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Healthy TIME
Healthy TIME

What is one of the most important activities of the day?

Sleep! "An ever-increasing number of studies show how important sleep is to the health of our minds and bodies: to memory, focus, cognition, mood, creativity, healthy blood pressure, healthy weight, and a healthy immune system," said Junaid Malik, MD, medical director of the TriHealth Sleep Centers. "On the flip side, research shows that another important activity is exercise. It helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and enjoy quality sleep," said Dr. Malik.

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TIME to Train
TIME to Train

What are some simple ways to become a better runner?
  • Loosen your grip
    "Roll up a sheet of paper and run with it in your hand for a few minutes," said Cameron Simoneau from Tri-State Running Co. "If the paper comes back crunched, you are squeezing too hard. Allowing your hands to loosen up translates into reduced tension in the shoulders and less wasted energy," he said.

  • Foot fetish
    Your feet hit the ground every single time you walk. "To improve proprioception and fix tight, tired feet, place a small ball — like a golf ball — on the floor and gently massage from the heel to the ball of the foot," said chiropractor Dr. Steve King from Mt. Lookout Chiropractic.

  • Lead with your chest
    "Imagine there is a string tied to your sternum that pulls you forward as you run," said Dr. King. "This will help you maintain a good posture, keep your airway open and use your core more effectively."

  • Find your breath
    Match your stride to your breath. "This fixes side-stitches, allowing you to run faster and more efficiently," said Simoneau.

  • Make sleep a higher priority.
    "Being well-rested improves performance, reduces inflammation and joint pain, and keeps you more motivated," said Dr. King.

  • Save stretching for later.
    "It actually hurts your performance and sets you up for injury if you stretch first," said King. "Instead, warm up with a brisk walk or slow jog and save the stretching until after you run."

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Family TIME
Family TIME

How do you get your children to talk at the dinner table?
  • Mad-Sad-Glad
    Each family member has to share one thing from their day that made them mad, sad, and glad. In addition to initiating some real conversation, this will give you more insight in your kids' lives — anxieties, accomplishments, difficulties and more.

  • Talk about yourself (and let them jump in)
    Our lives don't always strike us as riveting, but you'd be surprised at what kids' curious minds want to know. Everyone is unique, including you. They will enjoy the personal stories you share with them and learn something new about you.

  • The awkward silence 
    Join forces with your spouse and resolve to say nothing -- not a word. Inevitably kids will fill the silence with something.

  • The bribe
    Use this alternative in truly desperate situations: "Okay, if you two don't start telling me about your day, we're not having desert." This one never fails.
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How can you be sure you are not a micromanager at work (and home)?

In other words, how do you lead in a way that ensures people stay on track but still feel empowered?
  • Be clear with instructions and expectations up front.
    "Whenever you assign a project, give them a clear explanation of what needs to happen, when it needs to happen and why," said John Barrett, CEO of Western & Southern. "Ask questions in that meeting about the project, to ensure they have a clear understanding of the goals of the project," he said.

  • Don't check in until 70 percent of the project's timeline has elapsed.
    "After you've detailed what you want, here's the critical part – don't check in right away," said Alvin Roehr, CEO of the Roehr Agency. "Of course, they can always ask you questions before that. But, by giving them freedom to do work unimpeded, you are signaling that you trust their judgment," said Roehr.

  • Change the tone of your check-ins, from evaluative to helpful.
    "When you do check in, you need to be mindful of the tone of how you check in. Specifically, instead of saying something like "Can I see the work," seek to be helpful with a question like 'Is there anything I can help you with?'" said Roehr. "That will make it seem less like you are questioning their ability and more like you are working with them to achieve the best possible outcome."
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TIME to Laugh 

Accidently went Kroger shopping on an empty stomach, and now I'm the proud owner of aisle 6.

- Julie Isphording
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