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Thanksgiving Day Run & Walk
McDonald's Kids Run
CINCINNATI  •  9AM - NOV 23  •  2017
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TIME Flies
TIME Flies

Oh, Say Can You See...

Opera Singer Mary Southworth to Sing National Anthem

When local opera singer Mary Southworth takes the stage to sing our National Anthem, she sings so outrageously wonderful, it will take your breath away.

The renowned Southworth has performed with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Opera and the May Festival. "Singing to 15,000 people — on their feet — with our beautiful city as a backdrop is magical," said Southworth, who is celebrating her sixth year with the event.

It's that special time on race day when the world gets quiet, everyone takes a collective breath, and the only thing you hear is the beat of 15,000 happy hearts.

Bring your big beautiful heart. It must be THANKSgiving in Cincinnati. Register everyone today.

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Healthy TIME
Healthy TIME

Do you need to take a multivitamin?

"There are plenty of people who enjoy long, healthy lives without multivitamins, and it is both possible and preferable to get everything the body needs from food sources," said Ray Metzger, M.D., primary care specialist from TriHealth. "However, there are many reasons why taking a multivitamin might be a good idea so talk to your doctor."
  • Low calorie diets make it tough to get all your nutrients
    Two-thirds of Americans are overweight, and almost everybody has tried to lose weight by dieting at some point in their life. "If you are eating less than 2,000 calories a day — even if it is all healthy food — there just isn't enough quantity of food to meet your body's nutritional needs," said Dr. Metzger.

  • Exercise increases your nutritional needs
    Exercise actually increases the body's nutritional needs. "Unfortunately, a lot of people believe that exercise makes up for poor nutrition when it is actually the opposite," said Dr. Metzger. "An active body requires more nutrients to function properly than a sedentary one."
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TIME to Train
TIME to Train

What are some good reasons to join a training group?

"Running with others can take you to places you have never been before," said Cameron Simoneau from the Tri-State Running Co.
  • You can meet a lot of fun people at various skill levels.
  • You'll receive coaching and motivation from runners and coaches.
  • You'll be running as a team, not on your own.
  • Running will become part of your weekly routine.
  • You'll be able to help out other runners.
  • You can take part in races as a group.
  • You can share your achievements with other members.
  • You'll benefit from structured training.
  • You can chat and enjoy each other's company while running.
  • You can make friends for life.
  • You'll get a wide range of product recommendations and honest advice.
  • You'll feel more inspired to get out there and train.
  • You'll be able to try out a variety of local routes and see more of our community.
  • You'll be spending more time outdoors and less time cooped up in the gym.
There's really no substitute for knowing you're all in it together.

- sponsored by TriHealth
Family TIME
Family TIME

What are some lessons we can learn from the happiest people in the United States?

Happiness experts — yes, these people really do exist — have shown that the world's happiest people:
  • Spend less than 30 minutes watching television.
  • Devote just 30 to 60 minutes to social media.
  • Listen to music for at least two hours.
  • Get six to nine hours of sleep each night.
  • Volunteer two to four hours a week.
  • Practice relaxation techniques.
  • Take at least four weeks of vacation a year.
  • Read a book at least every other month.
  • Have close friends who are racially and ethnically diverse.
Trying all that at once may be too much of a lifestyle change. Try a few easier ones and add more as you go.

- sponsored by Always

What are some good life lessons from successful business leaders?
  • Spend more time away from the office and with your family
    "Sometimes we are working so hard to do everything for our family that we miss the key point," said Alvin Roehr, CEO of the Roehr Agency. "We miss spending more precious time with them."

  • Take time to listen
    Effective leaders learn that it is important to put aside distractions, stop multi-tasking, and be truly present with people. "Listening is a great time and money saver," said John Barrett, CEO of Western & Southern. "It can solve a host of problems, bring creativity, give insight and show people that you care."

  • Take care of yourself
    "Your performance will actually improve if you can commit to not only working hard, but also unplugging, recharging and realigning," said Dr. Steve King from Mt. Lookout Chiropractic. "Our bodies are not machines. That's why it is important to eat healthy, exercise, drink lots of water, reduce stress levels and get adequate rest," said Dr. King. "Life is too short."

  • Surround yourself with great people
    "Whatever vocation you decide on, track down the best people in the world that are doing it and surround yourself with them," said Roehr. "Aim high and be ridiculously persistent."

  • Be fearless
    "Don't be afraid to pursue revolutionary ideas," said Barrett. "And don't hold back simply because you're going up against seemingly unconquerable competitors or challenges."

  • Give back
    "The fulfillment you get from helping someone else is incomparable," said Roehr. "It's also a universal law. The more you give, the more you receive."
- sponsored by TQL
TIME to Laugh 

Run often. Run long. But never outrun your joy of running.

- Julie Isphording
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