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109th W&S Thanksgiving Day 10K Race
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Goodness Appears in Little and BIG Ways

On Thanksgiving Day morning, the best seat in the house is running a 10k with your friends and family in Cincinnati. Our moving celebration has lots of runnerful moments with amazingly wonderful people to be thankFULL for:
  • Big applause for the Ronald McDonald House
    For 15 years, volunteers from the Ronald McDonald House have been serving up water and lots of fun at the 3 mile mark. It's worth slowing down and witnessing the wonderfulness of hundreds of great people doing great things.

  • Let's laugh hard
    What would Thanksgiving Day be without a big turkey? Well, we have a huge inflatable turkey float greeting you at the halfway mark. A special thank you to KISS 107.1 and 167 Signs for a big breath of fresh air and some child-like inspiration when you are halfway home. You might want to capture a selfie and post that memorable and 'funable' moment.

  • Let's do the happy dance
    You will find our great band — Nativity Code — at Paul Brown Stadium celebrating their 15-year anniversary with the race. No matter how hard you jog, those legs can still do the jig. Can't wait to see those pictures!

  • Let's sing
    In keeping with our theme — Be Beautiful Cincinnati — local opera singer Mary Southworth will sing our National Anthem. Her beautiful performance will take your breath away.

  • Warm someone's heart
    If you want to see human kindness on the run, it starts before the run! Bring a warm coat to our MCM Goodwill coat drive at the start and warm someone's heart. Goodwill volunteers will also be at the 2 mile mark with renowned musician Mark Macomber. It must be THANKSgiving in Cincinnati.

  • Your beautiful heart
    Regardless of age — young and old — and strength and achievement, running is in our hearts — our stronger, healthier, happier hearts. Running is a push. A passion. Come chase the things you love and bring your friends too. Register today and 'make-it-your-own-run!'
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What are the best beverages for runners and walkers?
  • Coffee and tea
    "Aside from providing performance-boosting caffeine, both drinks are rich in antioxidants," says Gary Weber, Jr., CEO of Wallingford Coffee & Tea, who will be serving 14,000 cups of coffee on race day morning. "However, be careful with what you put in them because the calories can add up fast."

  • Water
    "One word — perfect," says Charlie Hall, CEO of Alpine Valley Water.

  • Sports drinks
    "When you're working out and feeling drained, these are ideal," says Ben Schmidt, co-founder of Hoist, a premium hydration drink that tastes great and works even better. "They contain the right blend of electrolytes and carbohydrates to help prevent fatigue."

  • Beer and wine
    "Alcohol shouldn't top the list, but wine and beer do supply beneficial phytonutrients, and more importantly, you and your friends can toast your finish line success," says Bobby Slattery, CEO of Fifty West Brewery, one of the best places to train and have a beer!
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What are some diet DISASTERS people do before a race?
  • Eating the WHOLE thing
    "Eat your normal dinner, not a box of pasta and a family-size salad," says Kristen Deangelis, RD, LDN from TriHealth. "You are running a 10K, not going across the country on foot. Eat just to fullness so you don't get indigestion or have trouble sleeping."

  • Drinking too much water
    "It will leave you feeling bloated and dilute your electrolytes -- minerals responsible for muscle contraction," says Deangelis. "Since the weather at race time will likely be cold, you won't dehydrate as quickly. Drink a cup or two of water before the start and at the finish. Take advantage of the water stop along the way as well."

  • Skipping breakfast
    "A pre-race meal keeps your blood sugar steady and provides energy to finish your race strong," says Deangelis. "If you get too nervous to eat, wake up a few hours before so you can eat slowly. A small amount of carbohydrate and protein like banana and peanut butter, oatmeal, or a piece of toast with almond butter and apple slices are a few quick and easy options.

  • Trying something new
    "Do not try the new spicy sensation or you could be bolting for the bathroom instead of the finish line," says Deangelis. "Stick with your same meal routine for a few nights leading up to the race."
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What are some good reasons to run a race?
  • Accountability
    "When you sign up for a race, it gives more meaning to your daily runs," says Bobby Slattery CEO of Fifty West. "Now you're accountable to preparing to be your best by a specific date. Sometimes it just takes a 'race deadline' to jumpstart your routine."

  • Fitness assessment
    "Every runner gets stuck in a rut," says Slattery. "The best way out of it is to find a new challenge and a new source of inspiration."

  • Camaraderie
    One of the gifts of running is the opportunity to meet all kinds of people. "A good place to find them is at a race or with a training group preparing for a race," says fitness expert Christine Lindner, co-founder of Inner Fire Fitness. "There's a genuine 'we're all in this together' mentality among runners who are trying to get to a finish line."

  • Get out of a rut
     "Most of the time, people don't work out because it seems like an intimidating, daunting task," says Lindner. "But you don't have to run a 10-miler or spend hours at a gym. Find something you love and just keep 'playing' at it."

  • Inspiration
    If you're looking for motivation, it's all around you at a race. "There are older runners still crushing their goals and newer people who are running farther than they ever have," says fitness expert Amanda Blooomquist, co-founder of Inner Fire Fitness. "People are running while fighting cancer and other illnesses — their strength and determination is overwhelming."

  • Be better
    It's you against the clock, you against you. "A race takes you to a new level, increases your confidence and helps you realize your dreams," says Dr. King. "Just stand at a finish line and watch the reactions of everybody who crosses it."

  • Encourage others
    "If you're not feeling your best, show up and get yourself to the starting line to help somebody else. Pace a friend and encourage the people around you. It's a great feeling when you're helping others. It will make your heart grow in more ways," says Lindner.

  • Give to a good cause
    "Knowing that your run is benefitting something much bigger than you makes it more meaningful than ever," says Bloomquist.
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What are some employee satisfaction survey questions that reveal a lot?
  • Do you find your work meaningful?
    "Increasingly, people are looking for more than just a good salary – they want their work to have meaning and purpose," says John Barrett, CEO of Western & Southern. "When their work matters, employees report better health, wellbeing, teamwork, engagement, and commitment to the company, and that brings incredible value to everyone."

  • How would you rate your work-life balance?
    "Without good work-life balance, your employees could quickly burn out or become resentful if they don't have the time to pursue other hobbies or to be with their family," says Alvin Roehr, CEO of The Roehr Agency. "Having a healthy work-life balance at your company also helps you attract a valuable and impressive talent pool of recruits."

  • Are you inspired by the purpose and mission of our company?
    "If your employees don't believe in your company's mission, they aren't going to be fully engaged at work, and they won't feel motivated to deliver exceptional results," says Barrett. "Also, without a strong mission statement, it's impossible to encourage strong leadership and unity across the organization."

  • Do you like our company culture?
    "It's critical your employees enjoy your work culture, which includes workplace environment, company goals and expectations, and company values," says Barrett. "This fosters better relationships between coworkers, enabling higher collaboration and efficiency."

  • Hypothetically, if you were to quit tomorrow, what would your reason be?
    "You might find employees often feel undervalued, or believe there aren't enough growth opportunities," says Roehr. "By identifying these issues and turning them into opportunities, you can create new strategies that yield a better culture for all your employees long-term."

  • Does your team inspire you to do your best work?
    "If your team is able to inspire one another, it will promote increased creativity and collaboration at all levels of the organization," says Roehr. "It also makes your job as a leader easier if coworkers are able to find renewed inspiration and motivation from each other."
BE Happy
BE Happy

We are all lovable, lopsided people leading lopsided lives. What fun!
- Julie Isphording
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