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109th W&S Thanksgiving Day 10K Race
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Photographer Kristin Weinberg Captures the Beauty and Wonder of Thanksgiving in Cincinnati

"If you really think about it, THANKSgiving is every day in Cincinnati," said documentary and lifestyle family photographer Kristin Weinberg, who is going to spend the next 10 weeks capturing everything beautiful about the iconic event. "I fell in love with all the gratitude and heart that goes in to this Cincinnati tradition. I want to tell the story through my lens."

Kristin's story is titled A Grateful Lens. "I'm going to visit the charities, follow some families, capture runners training on city streets and even snap my husband buying his running shoes!"

And on race day? "I think my challenge will be trying to capture everything. So many people and organizations make this race so wonderful. I want to make sure I can photograph every moment," said Weinberg.

You can see Kristin's breathtaking photos on her website —  But before you do, register your beautiful self! And bring a friend. Thanksgiving in Cincinnati is so endlessly beautiful.

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Why don't people get their flu shot?
  • Many think they are at risk of catching the flu from the flu shot.
    "It's not true that you'll get the flu if you get your flu shot," says Dr. Tom Kiefhaber from TriHealth. "The viruses in the flu vaccine have been inactivated and are not infectious."

  • Healthy people think they don't need to get vaccinated.
    "Even people who eat well, exercise and get plenty of sleep are at risk," said Dr. Kiefhaber. "It's especially important for those with a chronic illness to get the flu vaccine."

  • Many believe that the flu is just a bad cold so why bother?
    "The CDC estimates that 5 to 20 percent of the U.S. population gets the flu each year, with 3,000-49,000 deaths, 31.4 million outpatient visits and 200,000 hospitalizations annually for flu related conditions," says Dr. Kiefhaber. "People over the age of 65, young children and those with existing health conditions are the most likely to develop complications from the flu."

  • Many think it's not necessary to get the flu shot every year.
    The influenza virus mutates each year. A yearly vaccination is important to make sure you have immunity to the strains most likely to cause an outbreak.

  • Many think that chicken soup will speed recovery from the flu.
    While hot liquids can soothe a sore throat and increase hydration, chicken soup has no other specific qualities that help fight the flu. Instead, eat a nutritionally balanced diet.
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Why do we procrastinate?

Do any of these reasons sound familiar?
  • I Don't Feel Like Doing It.
    Most people believe that something is wrong with them if they do not feel motivated to begin a task. This simply is not true. How many folks do you imagine feel motivated and energized by the prospect of cleaning out the garage or doing the laundry?

  • I Don't Know How.
    If you lack the skills to complete certain tasks, it is only natural to avoid doing them.

  • What If I Can't Cut It?
    Fear of failure is another reason people procrastinate. The payoff for procrastinating is protecting ourselves from the possibility of perceived "real" failure.

  • How Can I Top This?
    Fear of success can be the other side of fear of failure. Here you procrastinate because you are fearful of the consequences of your achievements. Maybe you fear that if you do well, you will be expected to do more next time.

  • This Is Just Plain Boring.
    Lack of interest can play a role in procrastination.

  • You Can't Make Me.
    Delay tactics (procrastination) can be a form of rebellion against imposed schedules, standards and expectations.
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What is the best day to take off work?

Researchers have found that Wednesday is the best day to take a break. This mid-week mini-vacation doesn't disrupt the work week and gives you time to recharge, which is important for your health.

"Chronic fatigue peaks on Wednesday and is associated with increased risk for various diseases," said chiropractor and nutritionist Dr. Steve King from Mt. Lookout Chiropractic.

If you can't take the day off, Wednesday is also a good day to work from home. "While working from home on Monday or Friday makes it almost an extension of the weekend, a mid-week break from a long work commute can help people get more done," said King. 
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How do you respond when your boss offers you a nice new title without a nice new raise?

"Before you decide to take a new title without a raise, consider pay practices at your company, figure out what's in it for you and make a well-informed decision," says Alvin Roehr, CEO of The Roehr Agency. Here are some other suggestions:
  • "Growing your career isn't always about the money. Ask open, neutral questions to get a better understanding of your manager's thinking and the opportunity from his or her perspective," says John Barrett, CEO of Western & Southern.
  • "Know your employer's policies and practices on handing out raises," said Roehr. "It's important to research what others in comparable positions are paid."
  • "Ask for time to think about the offer," says Barrett. "This will give you the opportunity to consider other benefits the title might bring, such as long-term gains in skills and more experience with the company."
  • "Get advice from trusted colleagues and mentors," says Barrett. "They can give you objective information on your potential value and the opportunity a title change may bring."
  • "If you know a number of colleagues have come and gone in this position, you should be concerned that the same will happen to you," says Roehr. "Consider accepting the job on an interim basis."
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BE Happy

You should keep an open mind but don't be so open-minded that your brain falls out.
- Julie Isphording
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