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110th W&S Thanksgiving Day 10K Race
NOV. 28  •  9am  •  PAUL BROWN STADIUM
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Big Year, Big Run, Big Race, Big Fun

Oooooooh... we just love Thanksgiving Day morning in Cincinnati, and there's so much more to love at the 110th W&S Thanksgiving Day 10k Run and Walk. For the first time ever, your race registration will include the soft-style long-sleeve shirt.

You can't buy happiness, but you can come close! In fact, this is the only run you won't be in a hurry to finish — the turkey can wait.

We are having a hot deal on registration for you and the whole family. Even the Pepto KIDS Fun Run is priced 'small.'

Get excited! There will be plenty of wonderful gifts, including a secret gift from Secret® for women. There will also be free Tide PODS®, gift cards and much more — fun stuff to get your heart pumping and feet moving.

Did someone say Thanksgiving? Yes, we did. Get your turkeys in a row, find your friends and family, and register fast (like you run)!

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If you're having trouble waking up, should you set your alarm earlier so you can hit the snooze and wake up gradually?

Our bodies do better when they can get used to a single clear rule. Get out of bed the moment the alarm sounds. When we hit the snooze button, our bodies get a confused message. So just bite the bullet — it won't be fun in the beginning but it will get easier — and get out of bed when the alarm tells you to the first time. Do this faithfully for a few months and a wonderful habit should begin to form — Hello Morning! Better yet, plan to meet someone for a morning run. Accountability is a great wakeup call!

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What are some of the best running tips ever?
  • Strengthen your whole body
    Good runners condition their whole bodies. The arms drive the legs. Keep your upper body and core toned with a lot of push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and back raises (don't forget that the back is part of the core). Stay away from machine weights and stick to Pilates, climbing, and dynamic flexibility work like yoga.

  • Run lots of hills
    One of the beauties of hills is that they really work on dynamic power, hip strength and hip mobility because you need to be able to go and drive those hips really high to get up.

  • Quit trying to set your personal best
    Be process oriented, not outcome oriented. Get a little better with each training session — a stronger run, a steeper hill, etc. Don't obsess about race day but instead focus on the journey.

  • Drink up
    Water is so important to every function of the body.

  • Stretch and refuel after runs and races
    There's a natural temptation to hurry about your day or rush to your next thing. Take the time to refresh, renew and reward your body by stretching after that workout.

  • Find a balanced routine that works for you
    The best plans are your plans. There's no question about when and how and why. It's built in to the process so you can focus on the work.

  • Layer up when it's cold
    It's easy to see the weather and darkness as a reason not to work out. Buy clothes like a moisture-wicking base layer, gloves, and a breathable wind-blocking top to make training outside a lot more enjoyable. It also gives you flexibility to remove layers as you heat up. A good rule of thumb is to dress for 20 degrees warmer than the outside temperature.

  • You need to sprint more
    Sprints should take up 5% of your total weekly mileage. Someone running 30 miles a week should run hill sprints for 1.5 of those miles.

  • Patience is a virtue
    In distance running, you've got to learn to love the process. Whether it's in training (it takes a lot of time to get better) or in racing (holding back for the first 20 miles of a marathon), patience is a virtue. There are no quick fixes. It's about believing in yourself and your plan.

  • Take recovery days seriously
    The day after a tough workout, the most you want to do is jog lightly or do some form of cross-training, like cycling, then take a nap. You need a recovery day after a hard day. No exceptions no matter your fitness level.

  • Make it social
    Get a group together, or join a local running club. When you're socially and emotionally invested in your workouts, it'll be harder for you to skip them. Having running friends will help keep you from burning out or slacking off.

  • Don't pick just one running partner
    One of the most basic ways to add a little variety to your running life is finding different running partners. You don't need to be monogamous about who you run with. The same principle applies for those who always run alone: Try joining a group for long weekend runs and (re)discover the joys of exercising with others.

  • Get off your feet before a race
    Take it easy the day and night prior to race day. Discipline yourself to keep activity to a minimum, making a conscious effort to sit and rest with your feet up as much as possible.

  • Visualize success
    You can even practice your finish line pose.

  • Use technology (but not too much)
    Apps from MapMyRun and the USATF can help you plot your training routes in less time (no more driving them beforehand). Garmin GPS watches track your distance and pace. But don't let your tools get in the way.

  • Know when your running shoes are worn out
    The typical lifespan of a shoe is between 300 and 600 miles. Shoes will start to feel a little different after about 200 miles — it's a depreciation curve. Each company has a different point at which their shoes will feel really flat, but it's important to know that shoes do have a lifespan. It might not be immediately clear when your shoes have bitten the dust, but there are a few indications that it's time to invest in a new pair.

  • First, run easy
    Once you can run easy, focus on running light. Once you get light, focus on running smooth. By the time you're easy, light, and smooth, you won't have to worry about getting fast — you will be.

  • Don't run injured
    It's hard to sit it out while waiting for an injury to heal. You risk setting back training and racing goals, not to mention losing a sweet endorphin rush. But whatever ails you will take longer to heal — or get worse — if you run through the pain.
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Why should you do the most important thing first every day?

Disorder and chaos tend to increase as the day goes on. At the same time, the decisions and choices we make throughout the day tend to drain our willpower. You're less likely to make a good decision at the end of the day than you are at the beginning.

If you do the most important thing first, each day will have more significance and be more productive — you'll always get something important done, even if everything doesn't go as planned.

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What are some skills that can help you with your career and your life?
  • Recover from failure
    "Don't collapse," said Alvin Roehr, CEO of The Roehr Agency. "If work — or life — knocks you to your knees, get up, brush yourself off and figure out how to use that experience to make yourself better than you were before."

  • Take feedback
    It is hard to hear how we could have done something better, but if you can learn to set aside your emotions for a moment and focus on the information, there may be something there. "Of course, some of it will be valid and some of it invalid but let your brain decide that, not your ego," said John Barrett, CEO of Western & Southern.

  • Say no
    Saying no when needed can save you a lot of time, confusion, guilt, attachment, commitments and stress.

  • Focus
    "Life is full of distractions. It is impossible to become the best at what you do unless you can concentrate on the things you want to accomplish," said Barrett. "Don't try to be everywhere and do everything at the same time."

  • Write effectively
    "Learning to write well involves not just mastery of grammar but the ability to express your thoughts in a clear manner in many situations, from emails to presentations, meetings, thank you notes and interviews," said Roehr.

  • Work well with others
    You need to possess qualities of a team player to work in a culturally diverse environment and with people of different thinking.
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Life is so hard and crazy, how can we be anything but kind and good?
- Julie Isphording
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