HAPPY Runniversary Cincinnati - Issue #2 of just 16
110th W&S Thanksgiving Day 10K Race
NOV. 28  •  9am  •  PAUL BROWN STADIUM
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More Fun Than FUN!

The starting line is full of magical moments. One of the most breathtaking is the singing of the National Anthem by Cincinnati soloist Mary Southworth. She will take your breath away before you take a step — and then she will join 14,000 of us for the 110th running of the Western & Southern Thanksgiving Day 10k with both of her daughters.

And that's why Secret® is recognizing Southworth as one of Cincinnati's awe-inspiring women who boldly takes on high-stress moments, challenges the status quo and pursues her passion without "sweating" the obstacles in her path — All Strength, No Sweat!

Speaking of beautiful mothers and daughters, our charity partner, Girls on the Run empowers girls to discover their limitless potential for a lifetime with a 10-week after-school training program that creatively integrates running, shared experiences and inspired friendships.

You deserve a fun run this year. Don't forget about our special discounts for corporate participants and find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It's fun, Fun, FUN!

Western & Southern
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Why do people meditate?

Meditation helps people:
  • Be more present and focused
  • Manage stress and cope better with challenges
  • Get better control over anger, fear and anxiety
  • Be more confident and courageous
  • Feel a deeper sense of worth and fulfillment
  • Make better decisions
  • Quiet the mind and stop continuous worrying
  • Feel calmer
  • Sleep better
Barrett Cancer Center
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How do you stay fit forever?
  • Find the joy, don't just work out.
    We will be more successful if we focus on the positive feelings such as increased energy and making friends. "The only way we are going to prioritize time to exercise is if it is going to deliver some kind of benefit that is truly compelling and valuable to our daily life," says William Barrett, MD, Medical Director of the Barrett Cancer Center at UC.

  • Find a purpose.
    "Anything that allows you to exercise while achieving other goals provides more gratification," says Dr. Barrett. "Training for a charity run like Sophie's Angel Run, or a bike race like Ride Cincinnati, or simply hiking through a beautiful trail with your family is more meaningful."

  • Get off to a slow start.
    "One of the reasons people fail is that they jump in and do everything – change their diet, start exercising, stop drinking and more — and within weeks they lose the motivation to continue," says Matt Frondorf at JackRabbit. "If you haven't been in shape, it's going to take time."

  • You don't have to love it.
    "But you don't want to be miserable," says Frondorf. "But you will find some elements of exercise to be fun — the feeling of getting stronger, the pleasure that comes with mastering a sport, and the joy of sharing activities with other people."

  • Be kind to yourself.
    "We aren't in this game to be perfect," says yoga teacher Meredith Hogan from Modo Yoga. "What fun is that? Take your exercise program in stride, and realize that there will be other demands on your time — family, friends and work."

  • Make it a habit.
    "When you take up running, it can be tiring just getting out of the door — where are your shoes? What route are you going to take? Plan and prioritize," said Frondorf. "It saves so much time."

  • If it doesn't work, change it.
    "If previous fitness programs haven't worked, don't beat yourself up — just try something else," says Hogan.

  • Get out of breath.
    "Your workout is good if you're getting generally hot, out of breath, and you're working at a level where, if you have a conversation with somebody while you're doing it you're puffing a bit," says Frondorf.

  • Be sensible about illness.
    "The general rule is if it's above the neck — a headache or a cold — you are okay to exercise," says Dr. Barrett. "If it's below the neck — if you're having trouble breathing — rest."

  • Call in the reinforcements.
    Tap into the vast network of fitness podcasts, local classes and online communities when your spirit is waning.
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Why do we fail sometimes?
  • We are afraid to stand out among the crowd.
    If we want to do something incredible, something that makes us stand in the spotlight, then we have to become comfortable being vulnerable. People will think we're crazy, selfish, arrogant, irresponsible, etc. We have to be resilient and confident with our own ideas and dreams.

  • We're not persistent enough.
    Most of us give up on something we're passionate about too soon. Anyone who's been successful has a tale of struggle and perseverance to share. Per usual, nothing worth having comes easy.

  • We think we know everything there is to know.
    Humility is knowing what you don't know, and turning to other people and resources for help. Most successful people are surrounded by other great people who provide them with incredible support, knowledge and wisdom — which they listen to, internalize and use to move forward.

  • We don't network enough and build strong relationships.
    Life is not meant to be lived alone. Creating a wealth of social and romantic relationships hinges on the ability to meet people and truly connect with them in a meaningful way. Research shows that living without regular social contact is as unhealthy as smoking cigarettes.

  • We're too distracted.
    Social media, volunteering, working, family, friends — rinse and repeat! There's so much we can engage in, but what really matters to you, right now, right here, today? Let that be your focus.

  • We don't take responsibility for what happens in our life.
    There are numerous situations in life that may seem completely unfair and insurmountable, but we can't have power over aspects of our life unless we take responsibility for them. It's tempting to blame our problems on some external factor, to insist that it was impossible, that it wasn't our fault, but ...

  • We don't believe it's possible.
    It takes a lot of courage and hope and confidence and hard work — but it is possible! Don't be afraid of failure or success.
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What are some of the regrets we have when we get older?  The biggest wastes of time?
  • Not asking for help.
    "As awkward as you might feel asking questions, it's the fastest way to get an answer and it keeps us moving forward," says John Barrett, CEO of Western & Southern. "Similarly, asking for help is a great way to, well, get help. This is why networking and finding a mentor are hugely valuable."

  • Trying to make bad relationships work.
    Experts agree that relationships require maintenance, but there's a difference between maintaining a good relationship and trying to force a bad one that doesn't make much sense to begin with.

  • Dwelling on your mistakes.
    "Learning from your mistakes is one thing," says Alvin Roehr, CEO of The Roehr Agency. "Dwelling on them wastes your time and diminishes your confidence." Of course, you don't want to skip over your mistakes and ignore them either. "The goal is to glean something from them and forgive yourself," says Roehr.

  • Being fearful of failure.
    "Taking risks is a huge part of a life well-lived," says Barrett. "Of course, life is seasonal and there are certain times where you have to weigh your options more carefully, but don't short-change your ability to make good things happen."

  • Worrying too much about other people.
    "The only person you have to measure up to is yourself," says Roehr.
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HAPPIEST thoughts

Nothing can be done without hope and confidence!
- Julie Isphording
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