HAPPY Runniversary Cincinnati - Issue #4 of just 16
110th W&S Thanksgiving Day 10K Race
NOV. 28  •  9am  •  PAUL BROWN STADIUM
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We Run on Love, Laughter and Lots of Wallingford Coffee!

What goes best with a cup of coffee? Running and walking with your family and friends at a great Thanksgiving Day 10k Run/Walk! That's why we are serving 14,000 cups of coffee at the starting line of this year's 110th race.

"Drinking coffee with your running friends is like capturing happiness in a cup," said Gary Weber, Jr., CEO of Wallingford Coffee, who will be pouring the happiness! "It also helps you run faster to that finish line. Really!"

And waiting for you at that finish line? Lots of good stuff, including PopCorners, the fastest growing healthy snack food in the market, and perfect for the runner in you.

Speaking of you, just think how cool you are going to look in your long sleeve race shirt — which is included at no cost with your registration this anniversary year.

Go Cincinnati! Go you! Go now and register fast.

Western & Southern
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Should you seek a second opinion when facing cancer?

"When you're facing a cancer diagnosis, it's normal to find another doctor in the area who can look at your test results, talk with you and help you feel more confident in your diagnosis and treatment plan," says William Barrett, MD, Medical Director of the Barrett Cancer Center. Here are some additional reasons:
  • You want to be sure you have explored all options.
  • You have an aggressive or complex cancer that may require different types of therapy and access to clinical trials.
  • Your doctor gives you a few different treatment options.
  • You just want peace of mind that you have the correct diagnosis and you are making the right treatment choice.
  • You think another treatment might be available.
  • Your doctor is not a specialist in your type of cancer.
  • Your doctor tells you there is uncertainty about the type or stage of cancer you have.
  • You're having trouble understanding and communicating with your doctor, or you want your options explained by someone else.
  • Your insurance company asks you to get another opinion before you start treatment.
Barrett Cancer Center
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Why is yoga so good for runners?

"Yoga can help balance strength and increase range of motion and sync breathing," says yoga teacher Meredith Hogan from Modo Yoga. "If you bring your body into balance through the practice of yoga, you can run long and happy for years to come." There's more:
  • It helps reduce the physical toll. "Runners experience too much pounding, tightening and shortening of the muscles and not enough restorative, elongating and loosening work," says Matt Frondorf, Manager of JackRabbit, O'Bryonville. "Yoga helps restore the muscles and increase the quality of your runs."
  • It increases energy and endurance. "Yoga teaches you how to tune into your breathing — the fuel for our bodies — and you learn to move in harmony with your body to fully enjoy the experience of running," said Hogan.
  • It reduces the risk of injury. "The body is the sum of its parts and impairment of one affects them all," said Hogan. "Even chronic injuries can eventually self correct through a gentle yet consistent yoga practice."
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What are five pieces of life advice from Warren Buffet?
  • Invest in yourself.
    • Learn to communicate in writing and in person.
    • Take care of your body and mind — especially when you're young. You get exactly one mind and one body in this world, and you can't start taking care of it when you're 50. By that time, you'll rust it out if you haven't done anything. (Note: We think he would have recommended our 10k run and walk!).
  • Surround yourself with people who are better than you.
    • If you're around what he calls "high-grade people," you'll start acting more like them. Conversely, "If you hang around with people who behave worse than you, pretty soon you'll start being pulled in that direction." 
  • Work for people you respect and admire.
    • It won't necessarily be the job that you'll have 10 years later, but you'll have the opportunity to pick up so much as you go along.
    • While salary will always be important when thinking about your career, you don't want to take a job just for the money. 
  • Ignore the noise.
    • Keep a level head and stay the course.
  • Success isn't measured by money.
    • It all boils down to if the people you're closest to love you.
    • Being given unconditional love is the greatest benefit you can ever get.
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Are you a scary manager?
  • "Keep in mind how your title affects the way others perceive you," says John Barrett, CEO of Western & Southern. "If you ask a tough question about a project, a senior peer might hear a useful critique while a junior associate might just hear criticism."
  • You should also consider how colleagues view your expressions and body language. "Some employees may see your thoughtful frown as a scowl," says Alvin Roehr, CEO of The Roehr Agency. "Ask a trusted colleague for feedback or try being up front about your idiosyncrasies. Say something like: 'I know that I frown when I'm thinking, but that doesn't mean I'm upset.'"
  • Be mindful of how you react to comments and questions. "If you respond negatively when you're challenged, people will be less likely to speak up in the future," says Barrett.
Pepto Bismol
HAPPIEST thoughts

Most of the time, goodness is just about doing the ordinary things of everyday life really well.
- Julie Isphording
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