Life is not a Highlight Reel
Life is not a Lowlight Reel

Our lives are full of the amazing and the awful. There are times of pure awe and pure anguish; and, moments of breathtaking joy and gut-wrenching grief. But most of life is not the highlight nor the lowlight reel at all. It is lived in the unremarkable, in-between spaces—those ordinary, sometimes mundane times—where we should find peace, gratitude and a quiet comfort that everything is okay.

These times—family dinners, homework, mowing the lawn, watching soccer games, Krogering—are the bedrock upon which most of our lives are built.

Highlights are important and should rightly be acknowledged and celebrated. Be dazzled by them. Go ahead and post those pictures, jump up and down, and tell all your friends. Lowlights are times where we just need to hold on (with both hands) for the ride; and, to have faith that we have everything we need to get through. After all, even the most challenging days have a sunset.

But perhaps a life well-lived and well-loved should place equal value on the times when life isn't as exciting, when life is just good enough, and we are grateful to just be alive.

When you secretly fall in love with your "ordinary" life and feel that it really matters, it will definitely, absolutely, no doubt make your days more meaningful and life more fun.

What are the top 10 fears that hold people back in life?

We are all much stronger than we think; and, our fears keep us from living big, beautiful meaningful lives. Here are the top 10:

• Change
• Loneliness
• Failure
• Rejection
• Uncertainty
• Something Bad Happening
• Getting Hurt
• Being Judged
• Inadequacy
• Loss of Freedom

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