Today is a Good Day to Have a Good Day
Make Each Moment Count

Today IS a good day. There will be beautiful moments—maybe a tiny moment-- that take our breath away, and there will be other moments too-- that might have us gasping for air!

Regardless, each moment of our lives will never come again. That doesn't mean we have to accomplish something amazing, work super hard, or have a grand adventure every single second. But, it does mean we should try to take be accountable for our time and find the goodness that is always there--because in the end that's all that is truly ours.

As you know, the only thing we have control over are the choices we make right now in this moment, so make the most out of this moment – and every one that comes after it.

Coria Kent described it best: Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed.

How do you plan a day of happiness?

One of the most direct ways to increase happiness is to do more of the things that make us happy. But when life gets busy, we don't always remember to make time for enjoyable activities. Intentionally scheduling a variety of enjoyable activities into the day can help overcome this barrier to happiness.

Different kinds of activities bring different kinds of satisfaction, all of which contribute uniquely to happiness. Research suggests that variety and novelty in daily activities is an important component of happiness, so trying a number of different activities can prevent you from getting so used to any one activity that it ceases to bring you pleasure.

1. Choose an activity that you enjoy doing alone, such as reading, listening to music, watching a TV show, or meditating.

2. Choose an activity that you enjoy doing with others, such as going out for coffee, going for a bike ride, or watching a movie.

3. Choose an activity that you consider personally important and meaningful, such as helping a neighbor, calling to check in on a sick friend who is sick, or volunteering for a local charitable organization.

Why is today a good day?

Well, for starters:
• You woke up today. Every day you wake up is an opportunity for something good to happen to you.
• There are people in your life who you love, enjoy and appreciate.
• There are many things in your life right NOW that once upon a time you only dreamt you'd have.
• One great thing will happen to you, be ready! • There will be reasons to smile and laugh today.
• You have more adventures to look forward to today, and every day!
• There will be fun and unexpected surprises today, and every day!
• You are someone who reads articles like this, which means you are someone who actively seeks your happiness. Those who seek happiness, find it!
• You have more of a chance today, than any other day before, to experience the things you want to experience. More opportunities exist today than any other day in history.
• You have the ability to enjoy your life and have fun-and you deserve it.

What's the one thing you can do each night that will make you more resilient?

"At the end of each day, it's better to highlight your wins, instead of your losses," said Alvin Roehr, CEO of The Roehr Agency, which just received an award for best places to work. "This means approaching yourself with the same kindness and understanding you'd show to a friend."

Researchers say that focusing on wins is the same as pointing out a friend's strengths, as opposed to picking out all their weaknesses which can erode confidence and lower resilience. And one tactic for doing that is journaling each night three things you did well.

"Even if you can only think of one thing you did well," said Roehr. "That simple action will build your resilience and increase your happiness. Seems worth trying."

What if your child doesn't do well on school exams?

A principal sent this letter to kids parents before exams. I like his answer!
Dear Parents, I know you are anxious for your child to do well on the upcoming exams. But remember, among the students taking the tests, there is an artist, who doesn't need to understand math. There is an entrepreneur who doesn't care about history or English. There is a musician whose chemistry marks won't matter. There's an athlete whose physical fitness is more important than physics.

If your child does get top marks, that's great! But if he or she doesn't, please don't take away their self-confidence and dignity. Tell them its okay, it's just an exam! They are cut out for much bigger things in life. Tell them, no matter what they score, you love them and will not judge them.

When you do this, watch your children conquer the world. One exam or low mark won't take away their dreams and talents. And please, do not think that doctors and engineers are the only happy people in the world.

Why is the word retirement so wrong?

When you hear that word retirement, what comes to mind? To me, it sounds as if life is ending when in many ways, it is just beginning—the start of a new and exciting chapter in your life.

Can you laugh it off?

We all mess up from time to time. An easy way to boost self confidence is to accept your imperfections and flaws and forgive your missteps in stride. In fact, most mistakes build character. Every rejection or face plant is an opportunity to learn, grow, and move on to the next adventure. Even if you can't muster a chuckle when you fail, try a little smile.

How can you keep yourself from saying the wrong thing?

Before you get ready to say something questionable, ask yourself:

• Is it true? Really true?
• Is it kind?
• Is it necessary?