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And You—Yes, You—Can Do This!

Training with people is one of the most powerful ways to love running and walking. If you're looking for fun and energizing training programs to prepare for the race, the Running Spot offers programs targeting different levels of experience and interest – runners, walkers and runners/walkers!

The programs begin on September 28th and include all planning, guidance and motivation from a large coaching team. You will receive a technical running top along with a pair of technical socks, a 10% discount on all in-store purchases, and even social events and other exciting activities. Hello, healthy!

I bet you have heard the saying, "If you enjoy what you do, you will never work a day in your life." Same thing goes for exercise! The Running Spot training programs make it easyyyyy!

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Unlike that horrible high school history, the Thanksgiving Day Race history is outrageously fun. We highly recommend that your training program include some reading!

From the event's first step in 1908 with a few men in skippy shorts, to the misstep in 1924 when the whole race came to a complete halt for a passing streetcar, to the first women's step in 1970, to an Olympic step—four runners became Olympians, to a heroic step when a 16 year old saved a man's life at mile 5.

There are over 100 fast stories compiled by our race historian and turkey day runner himself, Jim Pleshinger.

Step Here & Step Right Into History

But Wait! The Warm Up

Warming up is not a widely practiced routine. You know you should do it; but chances are you don't, or at best, I used to grudgingly spend a token minute or two throwing myself around a little...

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The Best Time to Run?

The most wonderful time to run is when you have the time. Profound statement! However, there are some other little strategies that may help you stay on a consistent program:

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Strengthening Can Add Years to Your Running…
And Your Life

The secret to your strength program is that it should complement your running. It should work the muscle groups of the upper body and lower body (yes, we strength-train the legs even though they get a big workout on the run!) that are used in running...

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Treadmill Training is one of the Best Ways to Train!

By Mark Becker, Exercise & Leisure
Contrary to what many marathon runners believe, training on a treadmill will improve performance...

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Strength Training

The Secret to Weight Loss and Longevity
By Mark Becker, Exercise & Leisure
Strength training is just as important as cardio training. Adults typically lose five pound of lean muscle weight and gain 15 pounds of fat weight every decade of life...

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Why I Love Running

And I hope you do too!?
Running has always been a treasure in my life. I may have crossed a lot of finish lines---from the imaginary line at the end of my driveway to the Olympic Marathon Trials-but I will never finish running. There really is no finish line, just like there's no such thing as a finished person...

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Finding the Motivation to Run

Go out and you were young again
I am hereby officially tendering my resignation as an adult. I have decided I would like to accept the responsibilities of an 8 year-old again...

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Small Change

It's the Little Changes in Life that Make a Big Difference in Your Health
I have learned one tiny humble step at a time that if you make good choices for your body and your spirit each and every day, then suddenly, miraculously, you awake one fine morning and notice you have changed. The trumpets won't blare, the crowds won't cheer, and you won't be featured on the nightly news. But you will have one of those special moments with yourself-"Self, I'm healthier and more importantly, I'm happier."...

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Know your Road to Health

The Vital Signs-Family Medical History, Your 'Numbers', and Your Screenings
I know that we all know numbers-but usually useless ones. You probably know your first test score in 5th grade, the miles on your car right now, and the price of gas. For men, it's their last five golf scores, and for women-what the scale said last Tuesday...

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Happily Ever After...

Running and Walking into 'Older' Age with a Smile
At the age of 73, Helen Hayes said that the hardest years in life are those between ten and seventy. But running doesn't have to be that hard. Really...

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The Best Time to Run and Walk

The most wonderful time to run or walk is basically when you have the time. Profound statement. However, there are some other little strategies that may help you stay on a consistent exercise program...

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